Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Position in the Greater Philadelphia Area

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  • Springfield, PA
  • Posted: September 25, 2019
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  1. Provide a single system-wide coherent vision on medical issues
  2. Serve as the chief liaison between the CKHS Administration and the Medical Staff



  1. Strategic planning
    1. Help to develop and articulate the mission, vision and values of CKHS
    2. Develop and promote new clinical programs that support the CKHS mission
    3. Provide leadership with respect to the strategic direction, business development, financial performance and development and implementation of clinical programs throughout the Crozer-Keystone Health System.
    4. Work with the administration on recruitment and/or staff development to provide the personnel and expertise to achieve Crozer-Keystone Health System’s strategic goals.
    5. Enhance the visibility of clinical services throughout the Health System in collaboration with Marketing and the Administrative team
  2. Support and assist department chairs in performing their duties.
    1. Chairs will report directly to the president and indirectly to the CMO.
  3. Collaborate with and support the Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer for CKHS.
    1. Work with the CKHS Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer and the CKHS Chief Nursing Executive and the Hospital Chief Nursing Officers to support and direct the CKHS Quality Department quality and patient safety efforts.
    2. Work with risk management to reduce CKHS’s exposure
    3. Operationalize and continuously update CKHS’s strategic plan for quality and safety; develop and define quality and safety goals with measurable outcomes in support of achievement of strategic objectives.
    4. Assist chairs in identifying and addressing quality issues driven by multiple departments. Assist in peer review across departments where appropriate.
  4. Cross-department care issues
    1. Provide leadership on issues affecting multiple departments (eg: antibiotic stewardship, utilization of intensive care and telemetry beds)
    2. Assist chairs in resolving issues arising from common services
  5. Medical Staff and Credentialing
    1. Oversee the Crozer-Keystone Health System professional staff with respect to quality of care, patient safety, credentialing and professionalism
    2. Help to resolve physician issues and address disruptive physicians (with MEC Presidents)
    3. Provide advice and counsel to department chairs and chiefs regarding competency criteria for credentialing for new technologies and procedures.
    4. Assist the Credentials Committee with credentialing of advanced health professionals.
  1. Patient Satisfaction
    1. Address patient complaints (with hospital Presidents,MEC Presidents and Department Chairs / Division Chiefs)
    2. Help to develop and facilitate efforts to improve patient satisfaction
    3. Target specific patient dissatisfiers; develop interventions to address these dissatisfiers and implement these interventions
  2. Support and Supervise Education
    1. Work with the CKHS Chief Academic Officer and Designated Institutional Officer, The Drexel University School of Medicine Dean and the Drexel School of Medicine Curriculum Office
      1. Current student rotations
      2. Current electives
      3. Planning for Clinical campus
    2. Residents
      1. Support Chief Academic Officer and DIO, as needed
    3. Continuing Medical Education
      1. CME office and CME committee and committee chair report to the CMO
    4. Support and direct expansion of simulation for staff, residents, fellows and attending physicians.
  3. Support Clinical Research
    1. Assist the Office of Clinical Research
    2. Work with the CKHS IRB
      1. Ensure safety of research subjects (Human Research Protection administration)
  4. Information Services
    1. Provide physician expertise and perspective to Information Services
    2. Participate in and facilitate planning and implementation of new technologies, hardware and information systems at CKHS.
    3. Work with Medical Librarian on information needs
  5. Ensure regulatory compliance
    1. Joint Commission
    2. State Department of Health
  6. Assist in effort to meet outside metrics (e.g.: CMS pay for performance)
  7. Work with the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Nursing Executive, Chief Nursing Officers, the hospital Presidents and Department Chairs to ensure efficient, appropriate resource utilization
  8. Work with the CKHN Recruitment and Retention Committee
  9. Serve as liaison with Chairs and Chiefs across the health system
  10. Serve as liaison and foster productive and collaborative relationships among the Chairs and Chiefs and Crozer-Keystone Health System senior leadership and the professional staff


Job Mechanics

  1. Establish a limited clinical practice at Crozer-Keystone Health System
  2. Reports to the CKHS CEO
  3. Non-voting member of Medical Executive Committee


Job Requirements

  1. MD, DO or equivalent
  2. Additional training in management with or without a degree is desirable
  3. Board certification
  4. Unrestricted Pennsylvania Medical License
  5. Experience in medical administration at the department, division or center level.
  6. Demonstrated experience and achievement in medical education
  7. Credential for appointment at the Associate or Full Professor level at Drexel University School of Medicine

If interested in this position, please send your CV to Queen Aniatang, Physician Recruiter at 


Job Information

Crozer-Keystone Health System
Internal Medicine
Full Time
Physician Executive
Req #: 1410-393

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